In April 2018, I submitted my Xcode playground entitled SpaceOddity set to the music of Major Tom by Peter Schiling. It’s the study of a group of rogue Space Invaders who take the chance to venture out into space and seek the unknown, defying the other Space Cowboys who are determined to stick together in the same place, even as they fall. In May, I was notified as my acceptance by Apple to attend the conference in San Jose and stay in the dorms at SJSU from June 2-9, 2018. It was one of the most incredible weeks of my life providing mentorship and inspiring me to take my projects to the next level. In order to share the experience with others I created the below blog in the hope that more diverse candidates will be inspired to go to meet ups and prepare their own submission next year. As for me, I begin the journey of a female founder seeking funding for my new angel stage concept The Yellow Submarine