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IOS Ipad app on the iTunes store

Dinomyte is a fun, easy to play game for toddlers and young children who love to press buttons and hear dinosaurs roar! There is also a bit of fun to be had with surprising sounds such as giggles and hidden positive messages.  The app is visually engaging with an explosive volcano as the centerpiece, but easy enough that dad can get it set up for his little one to play solo, while multitasking around the house. 

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BabyAnimal Wheel

IOS Iphone app on the iTunes store available for IOS 11

BabyAnimalWheel will amuse you. It's an easy to play game where a touch of the dial spins the wheel around to land on a silly animal sound. Keep pressing until you hear them all! This is perfect for babies and the very young at heart. Best yet, its free!

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